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Location:California, United States of America
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Community description:Everything Dark Angel

Home on DW of everything that's Dark Angel ;-P Here our object goal is to maintain and keep the LUV of Dark Angel alive and well. To that end basically anything Dark Angel is accepted to be posted here. Fic: Gen, Het, Slash, femslash, crossovers, and 3some/moresomes. This also includes the prettiness of art, wallpapers, & icons as long as it's Dark Angel centric. Recommendations & links are acceptable because we want to share in the DA luv, but please only post unlocked links.

Chat of episodes, plot bunnies, and challenges are all encouraged. Please do not join if you are not 18 or over. By joining, you are stating that you are legal age and old enough to read/discuss the fanfic here. Introductions are lovely & a great way for everyone to get to know each other.



1) No spamming/trolling violators will be Banned.
2) No flaming, or character/genre bashing in any form!!!
3) All pairings are accepted (MUST be labeled) if you don't like a certain pairing -- don't read it, respecting everyone's preference is GOLD!
4) All fic must be accompanied with a header & labeled correctly

5) List ALL Warnings: i.e. genre: Het, slash (refer to rule 3), Bestiality, underage, violence, non con etc... PLEASE label & respect a person's right if they DON'T want to read something. And if you’re not sure, PLEASE ask.

6) The Fic, disclaimer, notes etc, behind a cut!
7) Pictures/icons placed behind a cut--And a warning label in the subject if its not work safe, or dial-up friendly

OK that's it for now--main thing is to have FUN :-)
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